Martha Schram President

Welcome to the Aegis Therapies website, which contains comprehensive information about our “patient-centered” approach to rehabilitation. This approach involves learning all that we can about each patient, using cutting-edge technology and innovation, delivering comprehensive clinical programs and merging all of this with a true passion for what we do.

We embrace a “Restore, Compensate, Adapt” model of care. We consider not only what can be improved in the patient’s functional abilities (restore) but also what can be changed in the patient’s environment (compensate and adapt). Our therapists consult with nursing staff and the patient’s family so every therapy program is specifically tailored to the patient’s needs and potential.

Our core clinical programs help Aegis therapists provide treatment in the areas of pain, balance, dementia, continence and orthopedic rehabilitation. We also use state-of-the-art therapy equipment and proprietary protocols in our break-through “Freedom Through Functionality” (FTF) program. FTF features customized Nautilus® strength-training machines that have been specially designed for safe and effective use by seniors. The results of geriatric strength-building through FTF have been astonishing!

At Aegis, we are not only committed to delivering outstanding clinical outcomes, but also to measuring them. During every step of our patients’ rehabilitation, Aegis therapists monitor and record their progress. This allows us to quantitatively prove the benefit of our rehabilitation services. It also provides payers, physicians and consumers with a powerful way to forecast potential progress and estimate how much time it will take to achieve that progress. Our rehab outcome measurements clearly illustrate to patients and their families that they are on a path towards independence.

Additionally, we are proud to announce our new on-site wellness programs, called EnerG® by Aegis. The EnerG by Aegis programs focus on multiple dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational and social. EnerG by Aegis programs can range from classes in tai chi, balance, aquatics and falls prevention, to arthritis management, cardiovascular endurance, pain management, and memory and functional cognition improvement.

Our new EnerG by Aegis programs help to maintain and improve residents’ health, and allow us to target potential health concerns before they become more problematic. Our goal is to help residents, patients and others see wellness as a lifestyle.

As you explore our website, we hope you will agree that Aegis Therapies exemplifies quality, service and compassion to our patients, our employees and the companies we serve.

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