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Taking effect Oct. 1, 2019, PDPM is the largest change to skilled nursing reimbursement in 20 years.

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New home health therapy reimbursement model taking effect Jan. 1, 2020.

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There are many ways to be well – Aegis can help you get there.

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Exec Summary Extending the Stay of Wellness Executive Summary PDGMExtending the Stay of Wellness
Exec Summary FY2020 SNF PPS Proposed Rule Summary PDPMOverview
FAQs Section GG FAQs PDPMSection GG
Tool PDPM Impact Profiler PDPMOverview
Exec Summary Collaboration and LUPA Executive Summary PDGMCollaboration and LUPA
Video PDPM – Physician Education PDPMPhysician
FAQs Group and Concurrent Therapy FAQs PDPMGroup & Concurrent
FAQs Physician FAQs PDPMPhysician
Exec Summary Outcomes Executive Summary PDGMOutcomes and Rehospitalization
Exec Summary Rehospitalizations Executive Summary PDGMOutcomes and Rehospitalization
Video PDPM – Focus on Group and Concurrent Therapy PDPMGroup & Concurrent
Exec Summary PDPM and the MDS – At a Glance PDPMMDS
Tool Preparing for PDGM PDGMOverview
Video PDPM – Focus on I0020B PDPMI0020B
Video PDPM – Focus on NTA PDPMNTA & Comorbidities
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