Therapy and Wellness
That moves you™
Better Care for Better Living
At Aegis Therapies ®, we strive to provide the right care for every individual.
Clinical Excellence
Our therapists have an open dialogue with patients, their families and the nursing staff to ensure each individual is getting the care they need.
Industry Experience
With some of the most qualified leaders in the industry, we practice patient-centered care from the top down.
Our quality management and compliance teams monitor regulatory updates in addition to comprehensive internal audits and denial management.
In the 20 years we’ve been in business, we’ve collected over 12 million data points. We don’t have to say we get results. We can prove it.
Health and Wellness Is Never Far
With over 1,000 points of service across the country, access to all kinds of life-changing services are always within reach.
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Home Health
Continuing Care
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