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Created to help us look at health in a new way, EnerG® by Aegis programs focus on the seven dimensions of wellness – a holistic approach designed to help individuals be well wherever they are. In fact, 92% of EnerG participants report that our programs make them “more” or “much more” satisfied with their overall care setting. EnerG wellness programs take traditional recreational activities to a new level, offering an individualized, results-driven approach to enhance health and happiness.
Greater Variety
100+ evidence-based activities focusing on areas such as strengthening, flexibility, brain power and balance, and 150+ Wellness University programs to promote lifelong learning.
Improved Outcomes
Results have shown that participants reduce unplanned rehospitalizations, impaired cognition, depression and their risk for falls with injury.
Business Advantage
EnerG can provide a variety of benefits for your business, including enhanced competitive positioning, improved therapy referrals and advanced managed care relationships.
Health and Wellness Is Never Far
With over 1,000 points of service across the country, access to all kinds of life-changing services are always within reach.
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Home Health
Continuing Care
Retirement Communities
Assisted Living/
Independent Living
Everyone Benefits From an Integrated Approach
By employing programs that seek to improve the whole person and not just their conditions, patient satisfaction and overall quality of life both go way up.
Improves satisfaction,
engagement and quality of life
Drives better
Powers marketing
Increases financial
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