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Webinar, Video HH Value Based Purchasing: Leverage your Therapy Team for... Home Health RegulationsOverview
Webinar, Video Cost Considerations for In-House Therapy Home Health RegulationsOverview
Webinar, Video 2020: Insights and Lessons Learned Home Health RegulationsOverview
Video Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine COVID-19Living with COVID
Video The COVID-19 Vaccine: Get In The Know COVID-19Aegis in Action
Video WALK! Video – Power Pump WellnessWALK! with Aegis
Video WALK! Video – Mindfulness and Relaxation WellnessWALK! with Aegis
Video WALK! Video – Grip and Grit Exercise WellnessWALK! with Aegis
Video WALK! Video – Fall Fighter Seated Balance WellnessWALK! with Aegis
Video WALK! Video – Seated Cardio WellnessWALK! with Aegis
Video Balanced Body Fitness WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Full Body Seated Stretching WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Goal Setting WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Self Massage WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Tai Chi WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Nutrition and Brain Health WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Cardio Drumming WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Cardio Boxing WellnessWellness Wednesday
Tool, Video Seven Day Wellness Challenge WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Gratitude Journaling WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Chair Yoga WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video 5 Breathing Techniques for Beginners WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Laughter Yoga WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video 5 Instant Relaxation Techniques WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Tension Release Stretching WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Hump Day Stretches WellnessWellness Wednesday
Video Treatment COVID-19Living with COVID
Video Our Vulnerable Seniors COVID-19Living with COVID
Video Levels of Severity COVID-19Living with COVID
Video Symptoms COVID-19Living with COVID
Video Incubation Period COVID-19Living with COVID
Video How the Virus Spreads COVID-19Living with COVID
Webinar, Video 3/17/20 – COVID-19 Overview with Dr. James Avery COVID-19Aegis in Action
Video PDGM – Durability of Response Home Health RegulationsDurability of Response
Video PDGM – Coordinated Service Delivery Home Health RegulationsOverview
Video PDGM – Section GG Home Health RegulationsOverview
Video PDGM – The Importance of Understanding OASIS Home Health RegulationsOASIS
Video PDGM – Outcomes and Rehospitalizations Home Health RegulationsOutcomes and Rehospitalization
Video PDGM – Communication and Collaboration Home Health RegulationsOverview
Video PDPM – Restorative Care OverviewSkilled Nursing Regulations
Video PDPM – Communication and Collaboration Skilled Nursing RegulationsOverview
Video PDGM – An Overview Home Health RegulationsOverview
Video PDPM – Physician Education Skilled Nursing RegulationsPhysician
Video PDPM – Focus on Group and Concurrent Therapy Skilled Nursing RegulationsGroup & Concurrent
Video PDPM – Focus on IPA Assessment Skilled Nursing RegulationsIPA
Video PDPM – Focus on I0020B Skilled Nursing RegulationsI0020B
Video PDPM – Focus on NTA Skilled Nursing RegulationsNTA & Comorbidities
Video PDPM – Focus on Section GG Skilled Nursing RegulationsSection GG
Video PDPM – Focus on MDS Skilled Nursing RegulationsMDS
Video PDPM – A Comprehensive Overview Skilled Nursing RegulationsOverview
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