3 Tips to Boost Your Intellectual Engagement

As awareness of cognitive decline continues to make headlines, being mindful in all areas of your life is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Maintaining mental health is critical to overall well-being, and incorporating ways to include intellectual wellness into your day could be the key differentiator to your long-term health.

Outlined in our recent blog post, “Wellness at Play,” no time is better than now to take a proactive role in how you are managing your overall engagement as it relates to wellness. Regardless of your age, our team at EnerG® by Aegis believes there are seven dimensions of wellness that you should incorporate into your life to stay healthy – physical, occupational, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental. Here’s how you can benefit by weaving a few intellectual tactics into your daily wellness plan.

  • Continue your education by seeking out wellness seminars and workshops: Identify key health topics that will help you in learning more about specific conditions that present themselves in yourself or loved ones. Look into “lunch and learns” at local retirement communities, your hospital provider or community centers, which are often complimentary and provide wonderful tools to help you solve an aging concern. Arming yourself with evidence-based resources can be empowering when faced with change, and oftentimes can provide the additional benefits of quality social interaction with like-minded individuals.
  • Become a mentor and leverage your connections: Healthy brains have the potential for continued growth and development at any age. Just because older adults retire from the work place does not mean they retire from life. Consider tapping into your inner self by identifying three core passions you have and identify groups in your community or individuals that could benefit from learning more about your expertise. Volunteering your time and expertise can foster purpose and continue to activate your brain growth.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth & cease only at death” – Albert Einstein

  • Walk year-round: Walking does not include any special skill, so why not get moving and make it part of your daily routine? We believe that EveryBody WALK is a great resource that collaborates with national, state and local-level organizations and businesses. While exercise and a healthy diet can’t “cure” Alzheimer’s, they can help prevent cognitive decline that begins after age 45. The benefit of simply walking for those aged 25-45 includes boosted chemicals in the brain that support and may help prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, an important factor in memory and learning. During winter months and inclement weather, a “walking club” can be a great way to help motivate you, or you may want to consider purchasing innovative equipment that supports a running or walking motion. There are so many fun ways to stay motivated – look for community challenges or contests to inspire you or grab a buddy and listen to a book on tape or music as your make a point to just move it.


Tracey Harvey
National Program Director of Wellness Services
EnerG® by Aegis Therapies

Aegis Therapies is a nationally recognized leader in contract rehabilitation and wellness services with more than 7,500 therapists and clinicians providing proven therapy services in over 1,400 facilities across 41 states. Harvey has more than three decades of experience in the Fitness/Wellness/Retirement Living Industry, and champions evidence-based programs across the nation in order to increase overall results using aspects of innovative business development tactics to drive quality, consistency and successful outcomes.


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