Future-Focused Care: 25 Years of Changing Lives

Where were you in 1999? Maybe you were enjoying some popcorn while watching The Matrix in theaters. Perhaps you were belting out “Believe” by Cher during your commute, or maybe you were fretting about Y2K. For us, however, 1999 was when Aegis Therapies first began changing lives.

This year, Aegis Therapies celebrates 25 years in business. For any company – and especially a healthcare company – this is a significant achievement. As we reflect on this milestone, we remember all the changes we’ve successfully navigated throughout the years. We’ve succeeded in remaining agile and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. We’ve gained experience and wisdom that continue to inform our decisions for the future.

For a quarter century, Aegis Therapies has impacted lives and continually developed innovative services to help people in various healthcare settings. What began as an in-house skilled therapy department has expanded throughout the years to become an independent business that offers a wide range of services that includes not only contract physical, speech and occupational therapies but many other services as well. From wellness and activities programs, outpatient therapy and in-home care to healthcare marketing and analytics, and consulting and management services, we aim to improve the lives of our patients, customers and staff across the care continuum.

We are proud of our accomplishments and grateful to our team members who have made our success a reality. We credit our culture of innovation and inspiration as the reason we’re able to recruit and retain top-notch talent across our organization. In fact, we have 59 employees across Aegis Therapies who have been with us since 1999. These dedicated employees – therapists, managers, business leaders and more – are the backbone of who we are.

As we continue to evolve our services, we are filled with gratitude for how far we’ve come and excitement about the future. We look forward to continuing to serve customers, enhance care and create value.

Aegis Therapies welcomes all persons in need of its services and does not discriminate based on age, disability, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or source of payment. Interpreter Services are available at no cost. Please visit your local Aegis Therapies location for assistance. Servicios de interpretación están disponibles sin costo. Visite su sucursal local de Aegis Therapies para recibir asistencia. 我们提供免费传译服务。请探访您的本地Aegis Therapies地点以获得协助
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