Leading By Example

This Aegis Therapies State Director practices what she preaches – age is not a limiting factor.

If you take a look at the mission statement and company initiatives or participate in a training at Aegis Therapies®, you are bound to hear that physical location, ability and age are not limiting factors when promoting health and wellness to the patients Aegis employees serve. This concept is so foundational to the spirit of Aegis that it is often cited when discussing growth and diversification opportunities. But what is a company belief without a culture to support it? The good news for Aegis? The culture is there too.

At a recent national leadership meeting in Frisco, TX, State Director for Aegis Therapies, Sheila Bills, was one of the first to harness up and climb an indoor rock wall during a team dinner. “The wall was not on my bucket list, as I don’t have a bucket list,” said Sheila, 71. “I just wanted to do it due to my age. I want everyone to know age is just a number.”

A willingness to try any activity is a way of life for Sheila who also didn’t hesitate taking on the zip line last August at a region meeting in Potosi, MO. “The cool thing is that she always looks for an activity to challenge her no matter what it is,” said Regional Vice President Don Biggs. “She lives by the philosophy that age is just a number and you must continue to challenge yourself. This is the same way she leads her team, and many love this about Sheila, she is always challenging everyone to be better tomorrow than they were today.” The philosophy seems to be working with her team; Sheila has received national recognition two years in a row for her employee engagement numbers.

So what advice can Sheila provide to others who want to live life outside of the numbers? “You can do anything you put your mind to doing. I have my pilot’s license, I’ve driven our Alcohol Dragster at the strip and snow ski along with many other things. You just have to decide to do it and then figure out a way.”


Aegis-9346 - Copy

Sheila, posing with special guest Drew Pearson, at an Aegis leadership meeting event in Frisco, TX.

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