Speaking the Same Language: Standardized Communication in CCRCs

Did you ever mark your height on the wall as a kid? Maybe you took a new measurement every six months or every year. It was fun to see how much you’d grown. But what would happen if one year you stood on your toes to take your measurement? That wouldn’t be an accurate way to see how much you’d grown.

The Problem with a Lack of Standardization

When different tools are used to measure a resident’s journey in different environments of care, inaccuracies emerge. Let’s use therapy as an example. If therapists measure cognition, strength or balance one way at a skilled nursing facility, and home health providers use different tools, how will anyone accurately understand the resident’s progress? How will you accurately capture clinical outcomes? That’s the problem. You won’t.

Consistency is Key

Consistency of standardized testing is paramount to your resident’s understanding of and engagement in their healthcare journey. It is essential to understanding clinical outcomes, and necessary to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment along the continuum of care. WellConnected by Aegis Therapies provides:

  • A solid foundation for vertically integrated care on your CCRC campus
  • Consistent standardized assessments
  • Effective communication

You can do more with Aegis Therapies. Contact us today to learn more about how WellConnected can help your residents and your business.

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