Time to Celebrate Wellness and an Active Lifestyle

It’s that time of year again, as we begin to plan for our favorite event, our WALK! with Aegis Therapies® celebrations in conjunction with the International Council on Active Aging’s Active Aging Week. This year, festivities will take place the week of September 24 – 30, and we have updated our WALK! with Aegis Therapies events to be even more customizable and accessible to all ages and abilities.

Now in its ninth year, WALK! with Aegis Therapies 2017 is a celebration of health and wellness that takes place during Active Aging Week. This event, held at hundreds of locations and various settings across the country, focuses on physical activity and features the six additional EnerG by Aegis dimensions of wellness by using a series customizable plans to accommodate all participant levels and locations.

The presenters of this event include the EnerG® by Aegis wellness program and the International Council on Active Aging® in support of Active Aging Week (AAW). This year’s theme is “Ignite your passion.”

  • Join WALK! with Aegis Therapies nationwide Sept. 24 – September 30, 2017.
  • Register online at to download your participation guide and for more information.

The Events

Participants will have access to the award-winning WALK! with Aegis Therapies guided program features. This will include the classic “Team Leader Guide” that walks through the steps of throwing a six-day event complete with activities that support the dimensions of wellness, including: physical (each day), intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational, environmental (each day) and social. Alternatively, new in 2017, participants will have the option of hosting a single day event that encompasses all seven dimensions of wellness through both the planning and participation of the event.

The program is delivered in one of two overall options:

Classic Program

The Classic Program Team Leader Guide will be available to all program participants online and outlines the required steps to host a successful six-day WALK! event. Classic Kits, including the printed team leader guide, team leader t-shirts, neck wallets, activity cards and stickers, and event posters and fliers will be available to Aegis facilities on a first come, first served basis. Registration will begin July 7 at, and the deadline to register for the Classic Program Kit will be July 21.

The Classic Program includes daily physical and environmental activities (suggested seated activities are available in the Team Leader Guide) and incorporates one additional dimension of wellness each day for five days. The additional activities in the classic program include:

  • Intellectual Wellness
    Take a turn at creative and stimulating mental activities including trivia questions, sudoku puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Emotional Wellness
    The guide includes exercises for stress relief including progressive muscle relaxation and self-massage.
  • Spiritual Wellness
    Merge the physical realm of wellness with the spiritual and complete a 15-minute guided meditation and deep breathing exercise techniques.
  • Occupational Wellness
    The guide encourages you to “Name the Occupation” by matching famous people with their occupation and discuss favorite activities associated with each dimension of wellness.
  • Social Wellness
    On this day, you will be encouraged to focus on the importance of socializing with others. Socializing involves personal interactions, having meaningful relationships, respecting yourself and others, and creating a support system that includes family, friends and caregivers.

Single Day Event Program

Single day program participants will host an event on the AAW day of their choice. On this day, the activities will include a physical wellness element. Options can include but are not limited to: indoor or outdoor walk or group exercise (yoga, toning, boxing, tai chi, etc.). Participants incorporate the remaining six dimensions of wellness into either their event, the planning of it or both.

  • Environmental Wellness
    There are many ways to incorporate the environmental wellness dimension utilizing the  Classic Program strategy. You may do so by taking time every day to be aware of your surroundings and appreciate earth’s gifts – plants, animals, elements, energy and more, by providing an environmental activity for the day of the event, or by using the preparation time for the event to engage participants in environmental wellness (e.g., helping identify the walking path and mapping points of interest along the way such as the community garden, lake, birds’ nests, flowers).
  • Intellectual Wellness
    As part of your event, consider having a live game station or utilizing intellectual wellness activities to engage participants in the planning of the event by helping organize refreshments, develop the day’s timeline or identify VIP guests to invite.
  • Emotional Wellness
    Provide a stress relief station at your event or include progressive muscle relaxation and self-massage into a day just before your WALK! event to reward the hard work put forth for planning and preparation.
  • Spiritual Wellness
    Include a meditation area or activity at your event or incorporate spiritual wellness by encouraging participants to share their spiritual practices for hosting a successful event and integrate those items into the day.
  • Occupational Wellness
    Have participants assist with decorating and promotion for the event by hanging posters and helping with invitations.
  • Social Wellness
    Plan a reception the day of the event, and encourage participants to invite others including family and friends.

Once registered and logged in to, you will find the resources you need to start your WALK! with Aegis Therapies event under the “Resources” tab. You will also be able to print a certificate of completion from the website to celebrate your accomplishment. Our goal is to make this WALK! the biggest yet with logged participation – please help us accomplish this great achievement. Time to WALK!

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