About Falls

What Is It?

According to the World Health Organization, a fall is an event resulting in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or a lower level. If a fall does not result in an injury, it is still considered a fall and the causes of this event should be assessed. Falls frequently occur in the aging adult population with statistics supporting that one in three older adults falls each year; up to half never reporting this to a doctor or healthcare provider.

How We Treat It

At Aegis Therapies, we address falls with a multifaceted approach that allows us to consider the impact of:

  • Your environment
  • Your internal systems such as the peripheral sensory, central processing and motor output, or muscle responses. This provides us with potential causes, or underlying impairments, behind the fall.
  • Your memory and ability to follow safety guides
  • Your need for care coordination, adaptive equipment and safe transition planning to return to a safe and productive lifestyle

What You Can Expect

As innovators in rehabilitation, we incorporate the use of evidence-based approaches such as modern resistive strength training equipment and/or electrical modalities to compliment your recovery and road back to health and wellness.

Additional Resources

Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Falls:
1. Begin an exercise program to improve your leg strength and balance
2. Follow your prescribed rehabilitation and wellness plan
3. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines with you
4. Get your annual eye exam and update your eyeglass prescription
5. Follow an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) home safety checklist

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