About Heart Attack or Heart Bypass Surgery

What Is It?

At Aegis Therapies, we understand that it may be difficult to envision exercising or stressing your heart after a life-changing cardiac event. However, medical evidence strongly supports the need for supervised, progressive and monitored rehabilitation after such episodes.

How We Treat It

With our fully-integrated Right Rhythm Cardiac Care program, we provide you with the specialized care needed to address heart failure and other cardiac issues. You can look to our care team to identify risk factors, educate you about your care plan and help you approach life safely. We use specialty protocols, processes and procedures, as well as specialized clinical training, to help patients get stronger, faster. Here’s what you can expect with Right Rhythm Cardiac Care:

  • Dedicated cardiac care: You can have peace of mind knowing that your care team is dedicated to Right Rhythm and providing you with quality individualized care.
  • Patient care management: We provide a proprietary meeting with you, your family, a Health Coach and the care team to discuss your course of care focused on your goals.
  • Health Coach: You choose a Health Coach — a family member or friend — to participate throughout your care process and provide added support and input. We educate you and your Health Coach and provide resources to help you feel comfortable and confident with your care plan.
  • Nutritional education: You’ll learn how managing your diet can help manage your disease.
  • Rehabilitation services: Our therapists have specialized training to maximize therapeutic outcomes for patients with cardiac conditions.
What You Can Expect

As your rehabilitation progresses and you become more independent in your new lifestyle, we will encourage you to maintain this new-found health with active participation in organized wellness programs, such as EnerG by Aegis, to keep your heart and body strong for years to come.

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