About Post-Fracture Care

What Is It?

When a bone is stressed beyond its tolerance, a fracture occurs. This break in the bone’s integrity can be simple needing only a cast or splint to stabilize the injury, or complex, requiring surgery and repair with pins, screws and sometimes metal stabilization plates. Your unique needs for therapy and your recovery process will vary depending on the specific procedures required to heal your fracture.

How We Treat It

At Aegis Therapies, we use current, evidence-based practice to address your specific needs. Training and instruction on adaptive equipment while you recover will aid you in managing these simple tasks with new limitations or restrictions.

What You Can Expect

General expectations include: the need to be safe in your mobility and transfers, your ability to use adaptive equipment to protect weight restrictions which enable the bones to heal, and managing basic needs such as bathing, dressing and self-care.

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