Aegis Therapies Makes A Public Statement In Support Of COVID Vaccinations

Aegis Therapies strongly supports COVID-19 vaccinations, and encourages everyone to take advantage of one of the several safe and effective vaccination options to protect yourself as well as your colleagues, family members, facility residents and patients.

As a patient-centered health and wellness provider, our responsibility to heal is paramount in every patient interaction. Additionally, as essential healthcare workers, we serve some of the most at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Continued COVID outbreaks impede our ability to put the pandemic behind us. Therefore, we join the growing list of our fellow healthcare providers and leadership organizations in support of vaccines.

At Aegis, we know our customers depend upon our expertise as leaders in the rehabilitation industry. Likewise, we understand and respect that each of our customer’s communities has unique needs and challenges that are often best addressed at the local level. When an Aegis customer mandates vaccination, we will support their initiatives and timeframes.

In locations with mandates, any Aegis employee seeking a medical or religious exemption must partner with their direct supervisor and customer at the local level. Aegis employees will be subject to the customer’s exemption procedure, including using customer forms and submission requirements, documentation requests and following all associated timelines. The employee’s direct supervisor is responsible for communicating the outcome of the exemption process to their AVP/RDHR. Aegis will support the results of this process as determined by the customer/state.

Aegis Therapies remains committed to following the guidance and regulations of the CDC and all applicable laws and, at any time, may modify policies to best support the communities we serve.

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