Celebrating Independence

This weekend we celebrate our country’s freedom and independence. Although this year’s celebration may look a bit different from year’s past, we still reflect on what it means to be independent.

The independence that comes from good health is often taken for granted until it is impacted by illness or injury. However, older adults often feel this loss of freedom more acutely as their health begins to fade over time. It can happen suddenly, with the ability to speak clearly hampering one’s freedom of expression. Or sometimes independence is curbed more slowly by lower extremity weakness, making it necessary to have assistance to walk or get around without help from a family member or caregiver. In other cases, an individual’s cognitive abilities may decline with confusion setting in as their freedom of thought beings to slip away.

Having personal freedom is so precious to each and every one of us – that’s why the loss of independence can be both frightening and frustrating.

Aegis Therapies is committed to celebrating and fostering independence in older adults. Through our WellConnected program, designed specifically for continuing care communities, we work collaboratively across all settings to provide a unified approach to identifying residents who may be at risk for needing a higher level of care and provide customized services to fit the unique needs of each resident. It is through this method of early identification that we are able to help reduce falls with injury, rehospitalizations and resident need for more acute levels of service, therefore helping residents stay more independent, longer.

You can help your residents maintain their freedom with WellConnected by Aegis Therapies. Contact us to learn more.

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