Press The List Every Senior Living Caregiver Should Have

You have a mom in an assisted living or memory care community. She has arthritis with chronically aching joints. She has good days and bad days. You read an article or two about nutrition and foods that help reduce inflammation and foods that aggravate inflammation. You assume that the community your mom lives in: a) has all that information and b) is consistently infusing your mom’s healthy diet with the right foods.


Press Interview with Martha Schram, President – Aegis Therapies


Events Walk of life: Arlington retirement community hosts senior fitness event

It’s kind of a paradox: staying active doesn’t wear you out, it helps you to stay active.

While less than an earth-shattering revelation, this concept, which underlies the broad societal push toward encouraging exercise and fitness, is easy to forget or put aside, particularly as one gets older and physical activity becomes more challenging.

With that in mind, residents of the Arlington retirement community in Naples used the occasion of Active Aging Week …


Press CMS Adds Six New Quality Measures to SNF Evaluation for 5-Star Ratings

You may have heard that the CMS has been planning to adjust the Quality Measures used to calculate 5-Star Quality Ratings and that some of these will be used later to affect reimbursement. As a healthcare provider, it will be important for you to get to know these new measures, so that you may help your organization track them, and if necessary, implement plans to improve performance in one or more of these areas.


Events Embrace the Possibilities with Aegis Therapies & EnerG® Wellness Leadership Teams in New Orleans at the 2015 ICAA Annual Conference

Aegis Therapies President Martha Schram and and EnerG® Wellness leadership team members including Tracey Harvey, National Program Director, Angela Edney, Clinical Services Director, Susan Almon Matangos, Lynn Freeman National Director Senior Clinical Research and Donna Deidrich, Clinical Services Director were selected to present at the 2015 Annual ICAA Convention held in New Orleans over a three-day period beginning Nov. 18- 20, 2015. This four-day conference focuses on embracing transformation and life at every stage with challenges and possibilities. As individuals, professionals, organizations and societies, we can choose whether to embrace the possibilities of aging or to focus on the challenges.


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