Press 71% of Residents Selected Their Community Based on This

Five or six years ago, the term “wellness” was a catch-all term; a bullet item on a hospital marketing brochure or an insurance advertisement. It had a good ring to it, but it was hard to get your head round what it really meant.

Fast forward. Today’s wellness programs are playing a strategic role in senior living.

Here’s why:


Press Is Regulatory Relief Coming with the Trump Administration?

One of the questions looming for health care providers these days is what will happen to the ever-evolving Bundled Payments for Care Initiative (BPCI) and demonstration projects?

Of course, opinions of these programs tend to differ, based on whether you are a service provider or a post-acute care provider, such as a skilled nursing facility. But as preparations to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act continue (albeit somewhat fractiously), we can anticipate, at the very least, a thorough review of the current programs and probably changes as well.

Mark Besch, VP of Clinical Operations for Aegis Therapies (a Senior Housing Forum partner), was in Washington, D.C. a couple months ago, at an industry hearing, and brought back with him some insider thoughts as to how these programs are doing and what changes might be in store with the new administration.

Read the full article and view the videos here.


Press The List Every Senior Living Caregiver Should Have

You have a mom in an assisted living or memory care community. She has arthritis with chronically aching joints. She has good days and bad days. You read an article or two about nutrition and foods that help reduce inflammation and foods that aggravate inflammation. You assume that the community your mom lives in: a) has all that information and b) is consistently infusing your mom’s healthy diet with the right foods.


Press Interview with Martha Schram, President – Aegis Therapies


Events Walk of life: Arlington retirement community hosts senior fitness event

It’s kind of a paradox: staying active doesn’t wear you out, it helps you to stay active.

While less than an earth-shattering revelation, this concept, which underlies the broad societal push toward encouraging exercise and fitness, is easy to forget or put aside, particularly as one gets older and physical activity becomes more challenging.

With that in mind, residents of the Arlington retirement community in Naples used the occasion of Active Aging Week …


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